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Top 5 Richest Nollywood Yoruba Actresses 2017 (With Pictures)

If your parents ever warned you against choosing an acting profession because this job does not bring big money, we assure you that they were wrong. These talented Nigerian actresses prove that you can be popular, successful, and fabulously rich. Who is the wealthiest Yoruba actress? In this article, the top 5 beautiful and rich ladies will be discussed.

5. Fathia Balogun

Allegedly her net worth is estimated from 383, 000 to 555, 000 dollars. The admirable lady has taken part in a lot of Yoruba film projects. Balogun was worn on the 5th of February 1969. Her homeland is Delta State. She began her acting career in the 90’s. Alhaji Fatai Teniola offered her guidance in the industry.

It is interesting that Balogun never dreamed of becoming an actress. Initially, she wanted to be a broadcaster. Her father, however, wanted her to be an accountant. But things became difficult when the young Faithia failed her JAMB exams. Math was not her strong suit. After a while, her father resigned himself to fate and encouraged his daughter to follow her heart desires.

Also, Fathia said that she considered being a lawyer but she was not capable of performing the additional work which law students were required to do.

As we can see, she is quite successful now. This lady is one of the most notable Nigerian movie stars. Many people admire and envy her popularity and wealth. Among her successful films are Farayola (2009), Aje metta ( 2008), Aje metta 2 (2008), and Awawu (2015).

Clearly, these actresses are making a lot of money. However, their success is due to their talent and the hard work they put into their work. But if you believe in yourself and make an effort, even the wildest dreams become a reality. As long as you are dedicated, you will certainly be on a list like this someday.

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