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Top 10 Unique Celebrity Couples In The World (With Pictures)

9. Anton Kraft and China Bell

Unique Celebrity Couples

Anton Kraft is a weightlifting champion who is no taller than 4’4′. The 52 year old who lives in Florida USA holds the world record for being the only man who can lift up to four times his own weight. In his own words he has had the highest bench press record of all time for his weight class making him the strongest small man. When it comes to his love life Kraft is no less ambitious; he strictly dates women who are not less than one foot taller.

The latest is China Bell a 43 year old transgender woman from Florida. Bell admits that she was at first uncertain about dating Anton when he asked her out but was blown away by his impressive skills at weightlifting. Kraft on the other hand feels like the luckiest man on earth to have Bell. Coming from Florida where same sex marriages are legal, the couple who Anton says is basically the same sex is happy to have each other. This unlikely pairing is Kraft’s motivation to break more records. Truly love knows no race age or gender.

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