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Top 10 Unique Celebrity Couples In The World (With Pictures)

Here are the Top 10 Unique Celebrity Couples In The World. What if I told you that there is someone who would dare to go beyond all the dictates of nature and choose a life partner who is non-human? I took time to unwrap for you some of the craziest relationships people have in the name of marriage, but who are we to judge?

10. Ahmed Muhammed Dore and Safia Abdulleh

Unique Celebrity Couples

It is a fairly common occurrence to find women getting married to older men. Well by this I mean a few years difference say maybe anywhere in the range of one to ten years; in any case most women are looking to settle with “mature men”. What if that difference was as big as century? Yeah, you read it right; 100 years. Safia Abdulleh at only 17 years of age got married to Ahmed Muhammed Dore, a Somali national who was 112 years old, was becoming his sixth wife.

The man had already been married five times and three of his wives had already died. His own son was already an old man at 80. It is possibly beyond the comprehension of many today what interest a woman as young as Sophia was would have in a man almost a century older than she was. We can only assume it was love.

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