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The Most Beautiful Mosques You’d Find In Africa

Islam is one of the major religions on the African continent. With over 400 million adherents and growing, Islam is going to be on the African continent for a long time. Apart from being a religion, Islam has also influenced architecture in many parts of Africa. The beautiful mosques which can …

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7 Jobs Nigerian Parents May Never Ever Understand

When a Nigerian parent spends his money to send his wards to school, he assumes they’re going to become one of the following – a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer. Now, some professions have been added to the very short list. We now have people appreciating their children in other …

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10 Ways Corpers Ruin Their Lives During NYSC

National Youth Service Corps can be fun and exciting yet a great time to define your goals in life, a time to build relationship, or any number of other things. It is a step closer to “real life” when there are pitfalls and landmines along the way that can derail …

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