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These Are The Top 10 Currencies In Africa (With Pictures)

Africa has some pretty strong currencies, unfortunately, Nigeria’s Naira isn’t even close to the top 10. One US dollar currently exchanges for about 300 Nigerian Naira whereas the number 10 in this list is the Egyptian currency where 1 dollar exchanges for  18.05 Egyptian pound   10. Egyptian Pound (1 dollar …

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The Kind Of Men Every Lady @30 Shouldn’t Marry

At age 30 the pressure of getting married is at its peak for most ladies especially in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. A woman @ 30 faces pressure from parents to friends to relatives to church member. The list is endless and the pressure can be overwhelming and disturbing …

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Check Out The Top 10 Richest Nigerians In 2017

Being referred to as ‘rich’ means having wealth or great possessions; abundantly supplied with resources, means, or funds. As a result of the present state of the Nigerian economy, ‘someone being rich‘ may seem far-fetched in Nigeria but that is not the case as revealed by Forbes. We brings you top …

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Top 25 Most Racist Countries In The World (With Pictures)

A report on global social attitudes has revealed the most intolerant countries in the world. The report from Insider Monkey ranks each country based on data gathered for The World Values Survey between 2010-14. Nearly 85,000 people from 60 countries were asked two questions, one about their attitudes to race and …

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See The 7 Richest Lawyers In Nigeria (With Pictures)

While growing up, there were usually three professions extolled by the average Nigerian parent. They either wanted their children to be doctors, engineers or lawyers. Sometimes this dream did not come to pass. Why a lawyer? The favorite reasons were and still are: money, power and the prestige that come …

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