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Here Are The Cutest Nollywood Actresses Today (With Pictures)

Whether in Africa or internationally everybody wants to see the names that are running things at very tender ages. Sometimes, we get so carried away with how far they have gone and we ignore the fact that some of them are still really young. In the Nigerian movie scene, some actresses, while talented, have faces that could melt hearts and keep us listening to whatever it is they’re saying.

They are happy, they have their lives right ahead of them, they are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and they are kind. Needless to say, they are the cutest ever and we cannot help but stare at them and smile.

Just for recognition sakes, here are just three of the cutest Nollywood actresses today that we are truly prod of and cannot wait to see them bloom to the heights of their potential in the industry and beyond.
Adesua Etomi
Adesuwa Etomi
Adesuwa Etomi is one of the young actresses in Nollywood that are making waves and creating their own successes. Soon to be wife of our beloved Banky W, Adesuwa has followed the right path to success. She worked hard to get a proper degree and pursued her career therefrom. She has starred in big Nollywood movies and she has received a few awards for her performances.
Adesuwa Etomi
Still under 30, she has been nominated for the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in Leading Role and she still continues to get batter daily. In addition to her intelligence and her apparent acting talent, Adesuwa is an epitome of beauty. She is cute and she has a smile that would make you fall in love with her.
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