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These 9 Signs Would Tell You If You Are Sabotaging Your Dating Success

If you’re not thrilled about your dating prospects lately, it’s easy to blame everyone and everything else: You’re not meeting enough people.

Or the people you’re meeting are liars, cheats, losers, and unserious people. Or perhaps you’re disgusted with the process of modern dating. Or maybe it’s social media’s fault.

The good news is that you might be playing a bigger role in your lack of dating success than you think. This is good news because that means you can adjust your approach and get better results.

Check out these classic mistakes:

1) You don’t post attractive photos

You know that posting a collection of flattering photos is critical to piquing your match’s interest. Make sure the pics are recent and regularly updated.

Include snaps from your holidays, fun hang out and the likes.  Show off the trees in your compound. Ask a friend to take some nice pictures of you. You won’t look desperate. You’ll look like you give a damn and are taking dating seriously.

2) You take too long to respond to texts or emails

You don’t have to respond to every means of communication immediately. But if you take a day to return a text, your potential partner is likely to put you in the “not too serious” category.

More, you lose important time. If texting feels like a chore, it’s probably a sign you’re not really interested in someone. Cut it and move on.

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