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6 Top Reasons Why Pretty And Hot Ladies Are Most Time Single

Most people have at one time or the other wondered why their “Super hot friends” are always single. There are a lot of reasons why those hot, sexy, funny, down to earth, well mannered and smart ladies are still single no matter how beautiful they are and we are going to be talking about some of those reasons below.

Here are some reasons why hot and beautiful girls are always single.

1. She’s already taken

“This is probably the number one thing that pops into a man’s head when he spots a beautiful girl that he can’t keep his eyes off, the more confident a girl is the more a man will assume she’s taken because she doesn’t even bother scanning the room for available bachelors or she looks happy being single and isn’t really looking”.

2. Men are intimidated

“Guys can spot a confident girl from miles away and it makes them want to run for cover, even if she exchanges numbers he will assume she’s just going to remove it from her phone the minute he’s out of sight and he’s not even sure he’s in the same playing field as her”.

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