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4 Most Powerful And Richest African-American Female Pastors (With Pictures)

Although men have generally held the leading positions in the church, there are some women ministers that have risen to the top. Here are the most popular women pastors that you should get to know of.

Vashti McKenzie

Rev. McKenzie is a pastor at Payne Memorial AME Church located in Baltimore. She is quite known for her dynamic and electrifying speeches. Dr. McKenzie wrote numerous books which talk about the leadership of women inside the church. She also has several books written about her sermons. Many applaud her for her extraordinary skill in teaching. Through her sermons, she is able to use the basic scriptures which are still applicable in our daily lives. She became the first female elected bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal church.

Prathia Laura Ann Hall

She is a pastor at Mt. Sharon Baptist Church in Philadelphia. Dr. Hall was part of the Freedom Movement during the 1960’s and became the dean of the African-American studies at the United Theological Seminary in Ohio. She hails from a family of preachers and is considered as one of the most commanding women preachers.

Dr. Hall has certainly a knack for delivering her sermons with a powerful punch of biblical annotations.

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