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20 Most Expensive Houses In The World And Their Prices, Owners – This Will Blow Your Mind

#19 – Tranquility – Lake Tahoe, NV ($48 Million)

Tranquility is a beautiful estate that was once owned by Tommy Hilfiger co-founder Joel Horowitz. In 2013, Horowitz sold the home to an unknown buyer for $48 million. The home is filled with replicas of some of the most iconic places, including; a cigar lounge that is identical to the one in St. Regis Hotel, a staircase straight from the Titanic, and a library that looks just like New York City Public Library.

With Tranquility, you also get 210 acres, a private lake, an art studio, and even a par three golf course to use on your own. No more setting up a tee time or waiting for old ladies to let you and your group play when you live here. The staff that work on the property even get their own home and use of the gym.

#18 – Hala Ranch – Aspen, CO ($49 Million)

Aspen, Colorado is one of the ski capitals of the world, and it is home to our next mind bogglingly expensive home. Hala Ranch was listed for $135 million but sold for $49 million to John Paulson. Paulson made his billions in hedge funds but only had to pay a chunk of his net worth for the ranch.

The main house on the ranch is 56,000 square feet and has 15 bedrooms. Unless you have over a dozen kids, there’s not really a need for that many bedrooms, but guests can come visit whenever they want. The 16 bathrooms have gold sinks and the courtyard outside of the guest house has a waterfall/pool. The rest of us are lucky to get an above-ground pool.

#17 – Villa La Palladiana – France ($76 Million)

The Villa is one of the most unique structures on the list at 27 stories tall, and is packed with indoor and outdoor gardens to give it a nice appeal. There are even some stories that don’t have a bedroom since there are only 19 in total. The estate was purchased in 2014 by Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian billionaire who also owns the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA.

Chances are more likely that you could be hired on as a staff member at the house before you could afford to live there. There are typically 50 gardeners that work at the Villa year round. That’s right, 50. The view is breathtaking, too, with a great look of Cap Ferrat on each level’s balcony. Prokhorov might be crazy enough to leap into the water from the top level, but he probably hasn’t.

#16 – Dracula’s Castle – Transylvania, Romania ($80 Million)


Dracula’s Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania.

The official name of this building is Brans Castle, but it is more commonly known as Dracula’s Castle. The original owner of the home was Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia. You may know him as Vlad the Impaler because of his fondness for impaling his enemies at the stake. Vlad was the original inspiration for Dracula, so there is a bloody feel to the home.

It would take a really high offer to buy the castle since it was purchased in the 1980’s and turned into a museum. The castle has been around since the 1300’s, so it has also been remodeled a few times to make sure it doesn’t fall over. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place that children challenge each other to stay a night in to prove they aren’t scaredy cats?

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