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15 Ways To Move From The “Friend Zone” To Dating That Girl You’ve Loved Secretly

Are we just friends, or are we something more? That is a question that most people ask today in relationships that are not properly defined. Some women dread asking this question because they find that the man in their life is treating them well, but isn’t making any serious steps or relationship proposals, and they want to know what intentions he has for them. Other women hate getting to the point where they have to define their relationship with a guy, because they do not see the guy as “boyfriend material” and are not attracted to them in any way, but the guy is clearly head over heels over them.

The “Friend Zone” is the worst type of a relationship that a guy can be stuck in with a very attractive woman, because most guys think that in this zone there is usually nothing they can do to make the woman look at them in a different light. The friend zone is even more complicated where the girl you are attracted to has a seriously committed, handsome, and rich boyfriend, meaning that the chances of ever being with her are too slim to even consider.

Here are 15 ways that a guy can use to escape the friend zone with a girl that he is attracted to, ways that will prove fruitful in almost every situation. Following any or a combination of several of these ways will ensure that regardless of the outcome, after all is said and done, the chances of anyone getting hurt will be very slim. Can you think of any other ways of escaping the Friend Zone?

15. Show her that you enjoy your life

It is natural to come off as shy and hesitant when you meet a very beautiful and attractive girl for the first time, especially if you do not want to come off as too forward and ruin your chances of ever ending up with her. However, if you never show her that there is more to you than just being cute and shy, your girl will relate with you on a friendly level and you will find yourself stuck in the bottomless pit of the friend zone. Make it your priority to show her that you enjoy your life as it is, and make her feel that she is welcome to share in your fun life. When a girl sees that you enjoy your life, she will want to become a part of it and will be open to a more serious relationship with you.

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