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15 Ways You Can Identify A ‘Fuckboy’

Relationship expert Joro Olumofin just published an article titled ‘how to spot a Fuckboy’ which highlights the characteristics of a FB, How to identify them etc. Who is a Fuckboy? : A FB is any guy who comes into a ladys life with the sole purpose of taking & taking & taking from …

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16 Of The Best P-Square Songs Ever Made

In 2001, Peter and Paul Okoye won the Grab da Mic competition and became the group that is known as P-Square today. Since then, the duo has made it their duty to entertain Nigerians and the whole of Africa, indeed by creating music and giving us the best they have. …

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The Most Beautiful Mosques You’d Find In Africa

Islam is one of the major religions on the African continent. With over 400 million adherents and growing, Islam is going to be on the African continent for a long time. Apart from being a religion, Islam has also influenced architecture in many parts of Africa. The beautiful mosques which can …

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7 Jobs Nigerian Parents May Never Ever Understand

When a Nigerian parent spends his money to send his wards to school, he assumes they’re going to become one of the following – a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer. Now, some professions have been added to the very short list. We now have people appreciating their children in other …

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